WordPress Plugin Development

Custom Functionality To Suit Your Unique Requirements

The great advantage of WordPress is that it’s functionality can be extended by the use of plugins.

Plugins are designed to extend or add to the core functionality that exists within the WordPress CMS. Plugins offer custom functions and features so that each website can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Although there are tens of thousands of free plugins available for WordPress, there are many occasions when these aren’t suitable for your requirements or the functionality simply doesn’t exist. When this is the case, we’ll create custom plugins to meet your exact needs.

We have experience in developing WordPress plugins for just about any purpose – payment gateways, booking systems, user management and more!

By carefully designing custom WordPress premium plugins, we’ll deliver a website that works perfectly whilst being more responsive, cohesive and functional.


When you can’t find what you need then it’s time to think about taking matters into your own hands and getting it created for you.

Maybe you need extra functionality on your site to engage with your audience in a particular way? Maybe you want to improve publishing workflow and invest in custom tools to increase efficiency?

We can design and develop your WordPress plugin completely from scratch that are fast, easy to use and match your exact requirements.


We can work with all kinds of APIs to develop plugins that communicate with external systems and databases.

Many of our clients require data to be communicated to external systems. We’ve created the functionality that acts as the ‘bridge’ to exchange content from their WordPress driven websites with their external providers.

We’re masters at connecting to third-party APIs for sending and retrieving data from WordPress websites. From news feeds to external CRMs and beyond, we have your third-party integration covered.


  • Events listings with Google Maps and payment integration
  • Publication management and ordering systems
  • Bespoke payment integration
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Property and lettings management
  • Online surveys with ‘drag and drop’ creation interface
  • Customer testimonials and reviews
  • Store locations and contact forms
  • Staff Intranet portfolios
Responsive Website Development

Need a custom WordPress plugin?

Let us develop a bespoke WordPress plugin to meet your needs.

WordPress Theme Design

We design and build beautiful, customised WordPress themes, or we can help update your current theme for increased responsiveness.

WordPress Support

We provide ad-hoc and long-term support and maintenance plans tailored to your specific WordPress support requirements.